Blue Diligence

Self Assessment

Welcome to a quick 2‑minute self‑assessment questionnaire with immediate risk profile feedback. Questions you should ask yourself with indicative fast responses that may improve your Bio banking operations.

Low Risk High Risk
  1. Please identify the major types of samples you store (Choose all that apply)
  2. Do you have a comprehensive document for the following (Check if yes, multiple answers allowed)
  3. How does your facility handle informed consent documentation? (Check all that apply)
  4. Do you have an electronic inventory system (LIMS/BIMS/BBMS)?
  5. What type of labelling system do you have in place? (Check all that apply)
  6. Have you initiated any CAPA (or other deviation reports) in the last year for loss of chain of custody or sample misidentification?
  7. How often do you audit your inventory (or a portion of your inventory) to reconcile with your electronic system?
  8. How confident are you that your processes minimise the risk for temperature excursion at all the points of handling throughout your facility?
  9. Thinking about the lifecycle of the average sample in your facility; how many times is the sample handled?
  10. Do you have the need to monitor temperature to the individual sample level and would that information help you to optimise your processes?
  11. Please fill out the following fields to continue and view your results.